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Program Prescription

We design your exercise program to suit you.

Whether you wish to exercise at home, at a local gym, in the park, or as part of our group sessions is your choice.

We use the latest technology, PhysiTrack and PhysiApp, to design, impliment and monitor your exercise program remotely.

You are able to exercise:

  • One-on-one as long as you wish
  • Independently, appointing for review and to have your program updated and progressed when you need
  • As part of our group classes

"I did my exercises every day using the PhysiTrack app. It's a highly motivating app with 'how to' videos, and daily results. This was so helpful especially with chemo brain as it was impossible for me to remember any new information. So this app became my best friend to recover from chemo."

Individual Physical Assessments

Program Prescription

One-on-One Exercise Sessions

Group Programs/Classes

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Phone: (03) 9813 2189

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