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Our Mission

Empowering people with a cancer diagnosis

Engaging in safe and appropriate exercise throughout your journey with cancer can have an incredibly beneficial impact on your wellbeing. Our goal is to help you make exercise a positive focus in your life.

Prescribing safe and effective exercise

Using vast clinical experience and specialist skills we design a safe and effective exercise regime according to your individual needs.

Providing ongoing assistance and support

We will be with you from the beginning and offer as much or as little guidance as you need to ensure you live your best life throughout treatment and beyond.

You have all the best Specialists on your side, you should have the best Exercise Physiologists too.

Exercise. Part of the best medicine.

Latest News

Matthew is an enthusiastic and caring Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Master’s in Clinical Exercise Physiology whose passion for health and wellbeing stems from enjoying many physical activities from a young age, including a semi-professional dance career.

Matthew has undertaken further training in exercise oncology, including prostate cancer, to assist him apply his professional focus in helping people, throughout all stages of cancer treatment live healthy and stable lives.

Matthew’s passion for the role of exercise as part of best medicine provides the foundations for collaboratively developing and prescribing individually tailored exercise plans, to assist others achieve their health and personal goals.
Matthew enjoys being challenged clinically, prescribing exercise for a wide range of health & musculoskeletal conditions, specifically;  Cancer management | Chronic disease management (Particularly neurological conditions) | Musculoskeletal rehabilitation | Pre/Post-operative conditioning | The role of exercise, ageing & falls prevention

‘Exercise. Part of the Best Medicine’

Our Dedicated Staff

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